2012. szeptember 16., vasárnap

Epilogue: The final bell

Well. Here we are. Back in Hungary. "Sweet."  I feel a bit kind of weird because of it. A big period is over for me now. Finished with school. Finished with student life. I moved back to Pápa and I'm living with my parents. Trying to find a job somewhere far... trying to grow up. Japan ended up very suddenly. I cannot really cry but when the flight took off my eyes suddenly filled up with tears and I turned very very sad. I miss that life. I came back, I've had an interview... during what I they made me realize how stupid I am and all the people and the places just suddenly faded away. Like an old dream. I have to look forward and concentrate on the future.
So let's see what Japan gave me:
Amazing experiences and thrills.
The sights, the spots... it's craziness.
It made me have an open mind and made me feel more acceptable and welcoming to foreign and crazy stuff.
I can eat fish... before Japan I didn't eat it at all.
And in personality... we will see. I guess it helped me a lilbit realize how important "work" is.
And that how much I like to go away and meet new people and have fun with them. Yeah I think here lies the key. That was the thing I enjoyed the most. So I will have to kind of try to continue it as much as I can.
And what else can I say? It wan an amazing 2 months. I have no idea what will happen to me... hopefully I can continue to go again somewhere and with the words of Antony... be an "international badass". That would be cool. Especially BC since I've returned I feel pretty uncomfortable.
Anyway. Thanks for this 2 months for everyone who were involved in it. I hope the memories will last for long in everyone. It was great and amazing. I wish I could continue these friendships... honestly I think they will fade away very quickly... but we will see. Anyway. I recommend Tokyo to anyone. It is an amazing and crazy place. But I loved it. Thanks for everyone who read this blog. I tried to make it interesting... but I guess I failed. :D But still. Thanks for coming with me on this journey
Here the story ends.

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  1. Hey Marci! I think your blog was great but it hasn't to be its end. I mean you can just change the name of the blog and keep it as a personal blog neither you stay at hungary or you go to another country. I hope you find a way soon because I feel that your situation soon will happen to me, when I finish my degree I will feel lost!

    Anyways, I hope to see the photos you took!

  2. Cheer up, Marci.
    Life is what you want it to be. No matter whether you must find a job or you're still a student- as long as the spirit of the curiosity of the world is awaken in you, the adavnture is waiting for you somewhere :)

  3. and why damn this page is in Hungarian!!! :P
    I'm Dominika bu I didn't know which option to choose so it signed my comment with my gmail login :D

  4. Eeey! :D Yeah Dominika I think you're right. Thanks for the encouraging words. :) Lydia thanks a lot for reading, I think you were one of the most enthusiastic follower. It means a lot. :) I don't think I want to continue blogging. Finland,and Japan were special programs, organized things with lot of events and happening. Now real life starts with much more work and much less action And I think it would be a lilbit boring to say everyday: Yeah, today I've worked. :D Unfortunately I don't really have any more space on picasa to share more pics. But maybe later on FB I'll upload a best of Japan compilation. :)

    1. Marci, Ur life will never be boring, I think, U always have something us to tell.... :DDD