2012. szeptember 16., vasárnap

Epilogue: The final bell

Well. Here we are. Back in Hungary. "Sweet."  I feel a bit kind of weird because of it. A big period is over for me now. Finished with school. Finished with student life. I moved back to Pápa and I'm living with my parents. Trying to find a job somewhere far... trying to grow up. Japan ended up very suddenly. I cannot really cry but when the flight took off my eyes suddenly filled up with tears and I turned very very sad. I miss that life. I came back, I've had an interview... during what I they made me realize how stupid I am and all the people and the places just suddenly faded away. Like an old dream. I have to look forward and concentrate on the future.
So let's see what Japan gave me:
Amazing experiences and thrills.
The sights, the spots... it's craziness.
It made me have an open mind and made me feel more acceptable and welcoming to foreign and crazy stuff.
I can eat fish... before Japan I didn't eat it at all.
And in personality... we will see. I guess it helped me a lilbit realize how important "work" is.
And that how much I like to go away and meet new people and have fun with them. Yeah I think here lies the key. That was the thing I enjoyed the most. So I will have to kind of try to continue it as much as I can.
And what else can I say? It wan an amazing 2 months. I have no idea what will happen to me... hopefully I can continue to go again somewhere and with the words of Antony... be an "international badass". That would be cool. Especially BC since I've returned I feel pretty uncomfortable.
Anyway. Thanks for this 2 months for everyone who were involved in it. I hope the memories will last for long in everyone. It was great and amazing. I wish I could continue these friendships... honestly I think they will fade away very quickly... but we will see. Anyway. I recommend Tokyo to anyone. It is an amazing and crazy place. But I loved it. Thanks for everyone who read this blog. I tried to make it interesting... but I guess I failed. :D But still. Thanks for coming with me on this journey
Here the story ends.

2012. szeptember 9., vasárnap

Last report

Well, here we are.
The final entry from Japan. On Friday morning one of our best friends, Antony left. It was quite sad, he was the Italian guy who always had a smile on his face. A great friend we already miss him. I won't forget how he left Kokobunji in the morning, head up high and walking away with the big suitcase. So on Friday with Yuki, an Indian boy, and a Danish girl we've went to a Toilet showroom. Why? Just for fun. The girls were crazy for the toilets here. You could program them, and there were lot of buttons, bides, we've seen toilets with remote controls and stuff... Japanese people are crazy on the toilet. Anyway. Later we've found a "love" statue, made some pics, and went for an IAESTE meeting. And afterwards made a "final" eating/drinking party. Franz really wanted to do this and there were quite many people. Some Japanese friends but also many new trainees. I mean... it was really strange. Meet guys and start to be friends with them despite you know you'll never ever see them again and it's just only for one day or night. But still it was pretty cool.
Saturday we've went for the summer camp. I have a lilbit diverse feelings. First of all the nature and the river was awesome. Second. There were 90 students in total.12 foreigners and the rest were Japanese students.And... well despite this supposed to be a big event for us... it was more like a camp organized by Japanese students for Japanese students... where there are some foreigners as surprise act... but no one really cares about it. And this is the big problem of this IAESTE. The members are not really interested in exchange students or just in total about what is happening outside of Japan. I've asked many of the students and most of them they are members of this organization just to meet other Japanese people, or pick up girls. And nothing to do with making international friends. :( So despite there was a water pistol knock out tournament (it would be much more fun just to give everyone a pistol and have fun.. but here water gun is really expensive) and watermelon spitting and things like this... it was not so good. And in the night there was a drinking party till the police came. The exchanges went to the riverside to continue speak and drink where noone sleeps... the Japanese people didn't follow us. They went inside their houses. So it's quite sad. But of course there were so awesome girls and boys who were exception and who really took care of us and cooked and had fun with us. For them big respect. But it's just only 20% I think. :S Anyway. At least we, exchanges could have more fun with each other. I've met some guys and girls who just arrived. It was really great to hang out with them and make lot of jokes. An Irish guy got drunk and started to eat us...:D

And today in the morning I said bye to these people and my German friend, Franz and came back to Tokyo. It was said because with Franz we were quite together since I've arrived so saying farewell was pretty tuff. And then I've carried my stuff from my dorm to a place of a Japanese friend of mine and I've spent the afternoon with Yuki (gosh, I will miss her a lot. she was really funny and we've had a lot of jokes and laughs together :S), and later with Rie. We went to have a dinner, I've met some friends of Yuki who were here for half a year. It was strange to start to make friends on your last night in Japan. Anyway later we've met a Japanese boy and the danish girl... and a said a big bye to everyone and I'll go home tomorrow morning. With a Scottish girls we will have the flight quite in the same time so maybe we will meet at the airport.

So what to says? I'm quite sentimental right now. Packing all the shit together was difficult and while the roads here are not really smooth the wheels of my luggage broke... so it will be difficult to reach the airport. So I'll get up early and I'll try to do my best. I am pretty sad. It was a nice new life here with awesome people and I will really miss some nice foreigner and Japanese girls and boys. I have loads of nice memories. 

But I will write about it one last time. Now I have to say bye for the blog... but in a week I'll make a summary here with all my thoughts. Right now there are too many. And I'll try a little bit make some conclusions about these two months. But I am really sad that it is over.

2012. szeptember 7., péntek

Last Friday night

Luggage is half-packed, half of the souvenirs bought, room is started to be cleared out.
Today is my last day in the dorm. Saturday morning I'll have to leave. I'll leave here my luggage and carry a backpack with me to the summer camp to Okutama. It's gonna be 2 days massive fun. Activities, funny games, jokes, jokes, water pistol games, drinking games.. so many stuff. And after a crazy drinking party coming back to Tokyo, spend a night at a friend's house and Monday I'll go to Narita and fly back to Europe.

So what happened this week? I tried to make still some stuff at the university, make some final sightseeing and in the nights KKB boys were watching together movies... making jokes, practicing Gangnam style and things like this. But without Michael it was not that massive fun. Anyway Thursday night we've had a nice dinner and beer session for Antony who went home today. It was really great. Previously I could sell my phone and I went to a Café with Yuki. And today we checked out just for fun a Toilet showroom, went to an IAESTE meeting and had some final drinks together in a bar. Many friends left already and there are some new people so it's kinda strange. I was chatting for the first time with people who I'll never see again in my life. Kinda weird. Anyway. It was nice. The view and Tokyo was amazing and despite it's sad to go home I'm glad that still I can be here. And the weekend I hope will be great. There are many thoughts in my head actually about  friendships, IAESTE behavior and things but I think I don't want to write it down right now. I'll do it in the last entry. I've also started to seek opportunities for the future, I have some dreams which are difficult to make... but who knows. Anyway. Life will change very soon. But what is for sure: These two months were really really amazing.

2012. szeptember 1., szombat

Cosmic funeral

Everything fades away. 
Well. I do not have not that amount of money left so I don't really do fancy or super interesting things. This week was mostly about doing my final report.Yeaaaah. Cos I needed to make one. 10 pages+ a presentation. So... I 've spent the beginning of the week mostly with it. Despite I didn't really feel like busy during my staying here it was not that easy to write only 10 pages... we did many things and I could really make a nice report. But it took a lot of time. So I didn't sleep that much.:D And in the end of the week my German friend said: Hey, let's do a trip! So I went. It sounded a lilbit crazy cos I was really tired and I just finished my final report (we've had a nice dinner and party in the lab) but if someone says something stupid to do with me I'm always in. Anyway. It was nice. Train+ hitchhike to a lake and a shrine in it. We also visited a place where sulfur was in the ground and people have eaten black eggs. I tried it out it was good. :D Hitchhiking is always an adventure we've met some really nice people. And the sights were  really amazing.
On Friday night we've visited a nice Japanese friend of us and we have eaten a nice dinner together. It was the last day of my polish labmate. :(

I mean. Ok. I was not always nice to her. She was not really funny or attractive and stuff. But I spent a lot of time with her cos of the work and we've had some nice conversations I told her a lot of jokes and of course I will really miss her. Probably I will never see her again. But she was a really really nice college.

And yesterday we went to an aquapark. Yeeey. It was really really rainy so one guy turned back halfway. But it's Tokyo. So still it was crowded. In some pools there were so many people... it was incredible. I have seen some vids on youtube about pools where there were so many people that you couldn't see the water... but it is really real. I have seen it with my own eyes. Crazy. And also... we have needed to wait 60 mins just to use a slide. But still we have had loads of fun and it was really really awesome. All day craziness with friends.

And in the night we went to a club to dance and party. We got really drunk before... so I have not too much memories but it was really great. And one of my best friends, the Irish guy will leave tomorrow. He is probably the rudest person I have ever met. But still he is really cool and I will really miss him. We laughed a lot. 

And it's sad. Like... My life just started in Tokyo. Right now I really don't feel too much connection to Europe or the west. I haven't spoken with anyone there for many days and I don't miss it. My life is in Japan and it's great and right now I do not really feel I should care about what is happening anywhere outside of  this island. And it ends suddenly. So I'm sad. :( I still don't know what will future brings in Hungary. I will try to get a job abroad... but probably I won't get so I will have to stay there. :((((( Whatever.We will see. But I will miss Tokyo life a lot. That's for sure.

2012. augusztus 25., szombat

What's up?

Well... net too much. The blog is slowly coming to it's end as well as my staying in Japan. While time is passing by I try to do things and hang out with people as much as I can... that's why I do not  update daily my blog. Just like as it was at the end in Finland...
Anyway. It is not that easy to suddenly live in a dorm. I mean the guys are really nice and awesome but sometimes it is too much if every single second you are with people and everytime you arrive home in 10 mins someone knock your door. But it's just bitchin' about nothin'. :D I enjoy my time with them.
So.. Last week. We've had a a trip to Kyoto and Nsra and Osaka. Yeey! It was really really good. And expensive. :D But here everything is expensive. Anyway it was nice. Kyoto: Lot of shrines, temples, sculptures... architectural masterpiece. Really awesome. But. Between the temples the city is not really nice. Dirty buildings and stuff... look like Kispest district in Budapest. So I didn't like it that much. Nara is awesome. Small town with a lot of temples and shrines and with even more deers. Deer is kind of saint or sacred animal around these temples so  people don't harm them... they just live in the town. Amazing. They just go into the shops, and live there like people. Usually in Hun if you see a deer you are excited and thrilled cos it is somewhere in the forest. Here it is just totally common. 
And Osaka is a big city with not too much sights but a beatiful castle. The company were my labmates, the polish girl, a Japanese guy and a Chinese girl. It was ok and nice. The Chinese girl lowed shopping. :D But it was a nice company. Not too much party but lot of sights.
Aaand I dunno. I'm slowly running out of money so I cannot really do anything in my free-time. :D We've had an international cooking event. That was nice. I didn't cook anything but many people did and we were a lot and had some fun in a rented kitchen. We also had yesterday a Japanese cultural day what was really cool. We learned some symbols in Kanji, made a fan for ourself (what I successfully lost already) and later we went for a ship which provided amazing view from Tokyo. And the drinks were for free so we got pretty wasted. Later we wanted to go to a club, a big disco... but I've lost the others so I've ended up in the dorm. Today we'll check out some folk dance festival and afterwards next week I1ll have my final presentation.. And slowly people are leaving Japan so farwell parties are coming...:S

2012. augusztus 17., péntek

Epic fail

Bahh. Yesterday I wanted to go to check out the fish market which supposed to be one of the major sights of Japan... but it was closed. So it was totally worthy to get up at 7 for this sh*t... Anyway I did a massive 9-10 hours long sightseeing trip. What have I done? Visited two really really beautiful gardens, checked out there the ponds, the sights, the plants, animals... it was really great despite the 10000 degrees. And I also got an audioguide in English language so it was pretty interesting. BTW I realized one thing. Usually the elderly Japanese people are more friendly than the young ones. I mean... for the younger generation I think we are just a kind of trouble... language difficulties and stuff. For the pensioners or volunteers (lot of pensioners work in museums as volunteers just to show to other people some wonders of Japan) we are kind of interesting. I mean they have seen more things and I guess they are much more interested in other cultures (probably BC most of their time they lived only in Japan... which is also true for the younger ones. But the older people I guess can see more proper that this is not necessarily good) and that's why. I found a very kind old men who even tried to speak in Hungarian with me. :D It was really nice

Afternoon I checked out two museums. The first was a trap... it was mostly calligraphy which is totally boring for me. It is just Japanese writing marks and signs... which I totally can't understand. I'm sure it's kind of art but for non-Japanese it is not working. Anyway the other was the national gallery... which is tricky. It is really big a beautiful building. It's free but inside most of the sights are pics from "local heroes". Local painters and stuff. So for 0 jen I could see around 2000 (!) paintings and drawings. In the end I was really really tired. I had the opportunity to check out an exhibition also from the Edo era... but after 9-10 hours of walking in 35 degrees and 10000 % of humidity around 10 kms in Tokyo... afterwards I just wanted to go home and die peacefully.

I couldn't. I just arrived when my lads knocked my door that a Spanish guy has his birthday and we have to go to celebrate so I have to leave the dorm with them ASAP. Ok. It was an epic fail. The organizers made a ridiculous mistake. They set a place for the meeting point where previously we have never ever met. And in Tokyo it's not working like anywhere else in the world. Every subway has 2-3 substations, 4-5 exits, infinite amount of people.. you just cannot find your lads in an unfamiliar place. Cos for sure you'll get lost or wait 5 meters away and in the crowd you cannot find your friends. Sooo we cannot find the Spanish guy. so after some searching we returned to the dorm and while I was supertired I just went to sleep.

Today I needed to get up at 7 (again) to check out the fish market (again). It was ok. I mean... loads of dead fish and guys who are cutting them. It was interesting but if U R not so fishg33k it's not that big stuff. Later I've checked out an art gallery and the famous Budokan arena...which is a Judo and Sumo hall but many famous metal and rock bands recorded there DVD's. So it was nice.

And in some minutes I'll go to Kyoto I'll arrive back on Tuesday morning. Kyoto, Nara, Osaka. Yeeey! I still have to pack my stuff we'll travel with nighbus. So no blog and online activity for some days. But if you cannot live without the blog... here are some picks from the past few days:


I hope you'll like it.


2012. augusztus 15., szerda

Fix adventure

So we've made an adventure trip to Nikko.
It was four of us. The German boy, the Irish, the Belgian and me. Rest of the people have already visited Nikko during the the weekend... but we couldn't afford the travel on the IAESTE event for 15000 yen. So we made our own trip.

So if you want to make a cheap and exciting adventure  trip you should avoid two things: Paying for the transport and paying for the accommodation. I mean I know it's a horrible thing that we get adventage of some errors of the public transport here and cheat with the train tickets but travelling is so so so freakin' expensive that if you want to see anything which is just a lilbit far from Tokyo you cannot afford to travel legally. And about the wild-camping... well I don't know if it's legal or not but we really didn't bother anyone.

So first we went to Nikko which is part of the world heritage. 5 huge shrines, incredible buildings, structures, figures... it was capital and it has loads of historical monuments. All together in a nice forest. It looks really amazing it is just miraculous. Lot of traditional wooden buildings with details and everything and it's just crazy how nice it is. I'll upload pictures (more than 1000 I guess) soon.

From Nikko we hitchhiked to a lake 20kms away. It was crazy. I've never hitchhiked before... and despite all the bad things I've noticed about Japanese people, they are really friendly with hitchikers. We didn't need to wait for two long (10mins) for an elderly Japanese couple to pick us up and take us. They were driving a super luxurious Toyota I felt strange to travel with such an elegant car. And the lake... Wooow! It was amazing! It's in the top3 most beautiful views I've ever seen in my life (and it is a pretty strong list, trust me)! I've already uploaded a pic on facebook it was hilarious. Beautiful. We've found a quite hidden place with a wooden rooftop and a very clean, nice and fancy toilet so we've just camped there. 

We arrived there pretty late so we just made some pics, walked around and while we felt really great in such a beautiful area, we've bought some booze and while we've had a nice talk we've drunk some beer till we felt asleep. I didn't have a tent and I had no room to carry and bedclothes so I just slept on the floor, on the concrete below the rooftop. But the night was cold and as the sun rose up the light started to disturb me so I went into the handicapped toilet and tried to sleep in the darkest corner. Unfortunately next day from the incredible horrible quality sake and the instant food what we've eaten previous day I've had a kind-of diarrhea but it was ok. We've checked out a museum, a garden, an amazing and huge waterfall, and some shrines around the lake while we've enjoyed the view. The lake was located at 1200meters high... so it was not really warm there and the water was also pretty cold. So I didn't swim. But it was an amazing weekend we've had a lot of jokes and laughs... until a point. the original plan was coming back Tuesday night and on Wednesday go to an amusement park (we've planned it for soooo long and everyone agreed) but the German guy suddenly said: he stays at the lake for one more day... so we couldn't do anything. Alone it's not fun to go to amusement park so I stayed but I'm a lilbit angry on this guy. We've already had a plan and I understand that he had a great time at the lake if 4 of us, friends (or at least I thought so...) plan something one of us in the last second just cannot kick it up bc he changes his mind. Anyway I also stayed one night more (drinking games and sleeping in the tent and have lot of laughs and fun) and this morning with the Irish guy we came back (the two other guys stayed longer). While the amusement park we needed to cancel this afternoon I just went to Ginza, checked out a movie museum (it was for free... and it had a section for the history of Japanese porn movies... which is totally sick), checked out a huge Sony exhibition (and tried out the latest psp-s, PS3-s, 3D TV-s) and stuff so it was nice. I loved the nature in the past day but I also the metropolitan Tokyo. Even if you cannot go anywhere just walking around and see the amazing skyscrapers and buildings and neon on the street... Fantastic! I love it. So still here every day is a miracle and tomorrow it will just continue... I'll check out the famous fish market! Yeeey!

2012. augusztus 12., vasárnap

I'll sleep when I'm dead...

Yeah... well I was pretty lazy with the blog in these last days right? Sorry. Well one of the reasons is that nowadays not too many people read it... but more important that while I'm on holiday I can and have to do a looooot of stuff so I'm always busy or tired. So let's check out past week!

On Thursday I did sightseeing... I wanted to check out an area close to the bay. But while I have not much money I didn't want to take the train for so much money so I got off earlier... and figured out again that Tokyo is amazing. Cos while I just wanted to walk towards these three stops I've found some parks/forests/art museums and shrines... so in the end when I reached the are what I wanted to check out all my afternoon and day was gone. So I just took the train went back to the dorm and later we went a lilbit with the guys. Having fun in Greenland (entrance 1000 and all you can drink but everything is supersoft so you need to drink at least 20 shots for a cheerful mood...) for songs like this:

Gosh I loved this song but it was so overplayed by radios that after some weeks I just hated it. But it was nice to remember. And as usual we made some massive singing for Calll Me Maybe. So it was fun and we tried to get home by the last train. But some superdrunk Japanese partygirls came to us and said to shut up and not speak on the subway and they added in Japanese that people who don't speak Japanese shall leave Japan. (We've had some Japanese friends with us so we understood...) Well I got superoffended but in the end not much happened. Anyway so far instead of the sexually superhungry European lover Japanese dominas we have seen always the frustrated foreginerhater assholes. Yeeey.

Friday. There was a huge comic/manga exhibition at Odaiba so I went there to check out some cosplays and craziness ( I'm not interested in buying mangas but anyway.) Of course I couldn't reach my destination. :D Odaiba is an amazing place with a lot of nice things. Rainbow bridge, amazing train ride high above the ground a supermodern museum, amazing buildings, a huge robot from some crazy television series and stuff. So I've checked out these things and when I arrived to the manga festival it closed already. But I've seen incredible huge hangars completely full of manga books for the fans... lot of people with 30-40 newly bought thich manga books... so it was crazy. and the island is amazing. I've checked out a Toyota showcase, the mentioned museum, some nice buildings, this robot... but the most amazing thing was the bay and the shore at the sunset. The most romantic thing I've ever seen. Endless sandy shore with palm trees and in front of the beautiful rainbow bridge and loads of skyscrapers with their lights.. Wow! I really shamed that I couldn't bring here a girl it was sooo extremly beautiful. Later I'll upload some pics. It was marvelous. Later we met in the citycenter. Nearly all of the trainees and made a farewell party for two Norvegian guys. They were really nice and friendly and cool guys and btw the major womanizers here... and I understand while they showed a really really good example how you have to behave. So it was nice everyone was altogether we said or goodybe and it was a great night. But we came back with the last train.

Saturday. Hiking! Most of the people went on the Nikko trip. This we couldn't afford. 15000 yen... too much. so we traveled with some guys to the eastern Tama area checked out there the beautiful landscape and area, a very very nice limestone cave, a hot spring Onsen it was amazing. After the cave we got really really wet cos a really tropic rain caught us. The heaviest rain I've ever seen. And there was no bus or shelter we needed to walk in it. amazing experience. :D But later it was really great we checked out a small village and it's cultural festival where people were carrying a kind of altar and dancing and making music. I felt like on the National Geography or Discovery channel. Amazing experience. And also we've seen a very nice firework show.

Aaaand on Sunday we went to eastern Tama area checked out a beautiful shrine and a zoo. It was nice I've seen kangaroos and pandas. But again... Japanese people don't care about nature or animal... the pandas needed to suffer in kind of concrete box with 4 bare tree inside it with superlittle green. They were sleeping but still. In many nice spots they filled way too much animals inside I guess it was pretty uncomfortable for them. so it's nice to see these animals but I think they really don't care about them or how they feel inside. They just want to make sight out of them. Like at the cat cafés.

Tomorrow early get-up and we will go Nikko for 2 days. Just some guys without hotels or anything... just tent and try to make it as cheap as it is possible. We will see I hope it's gonna be fun. Past days were a blast. I loved it. I can write many pages and upload 1000pics... you cannot imagine these kind of miracles what we have lived through until you see/hear/sense it. I love it.

2012. augusztus 8., szerda

Nyakig ér a holiday...

So... first day off. I slept a lot. Till 10:30. I mean I've missed breakfast but it was ok... I really needed to sleep myself out. And I was not in a rush. I've put on some The Gathering records and started to make a plan... what to do in these two weeks. On the weekend most of the people will got Nikko... an amazing place with beautiful shrines. But it's not that close so it will be a 2 days trip... with food in restaurant, and drinking party, and smiley Japanese IAESTE organizers and... bullshit. I mean I really love these organizers they are friendly and polite and nice and everything... but they don't always consider that we don't have money. I mean... no, we didn't. The official Nikko trip costs 15000 yen... which is 150 euros. and it's a lot for two days and hall no I cannot afford this ( I've made some calculations today... probably in the last weeks I won't have any money to spend so I'll just stay all day in the dorm eating the food we get...).

I'm interested in the shrines and the cultural stuff... but I'm not interested in eating in restaurants, having drinking party, going to Sake factory ( I haven't tried out sake yet btw...) and stuff. So two days after the official trip with a friend of mine we'll go just two of us check out the shrines and sleep in a tent. We cannot afford more we are not Japanese, we have no money. But it's ok. And also I've made plans and trips for the weekend and during the weekdays I'll try to see from Tokyo as much as t's possible. Cos this city really huge and you can always visit a new garden, a new shrine or a new museum. A guy in the dorm told me that after 3 weeks I'll just bore this place and I'll find nothing interesting... well I guess he has the wrong idea.

Anyway I was a lilbit lazy today (you have to have some time sometimes just for yourself and stay a lilbit alone) so I went for sightseeing only late in the afternoon. I've bought some frozen pasta (cheapest thing) from the supermarket, threw out my garbage and lilbit made my stuffs more ordered. Afterwards I've checked out some shrines, statues, an orthodox church, and the East gardens of the Castle. I also wanted some museums but in the end I didn't have time for that. But every sights were nice. Later we went to Akihabara... there is a supernerd anime fan guy who basically lives there. It's a district ruled by the manga kommando and the slotmachine maffia... big neons, games, arcades, slot machines, anime shops, anime cafes, manga stores in 7-9-11 store buildings ultimately. Amazing. So this g33k guy who spends all his time there buying anime action hero figures did some guided tour for us. It was funny. But we've seen again some crazy stuff. Like an anime where... instead of legs the girls had 2nd world war airplanes instead of their legs. We've seen some cosplays, huge manga stores... btw one second stop. Manga = porn. No questions, it's not a statement it's a postulatum. Every freakin' manga girl is supersexy with short skirt big eyes and huge boobs... 90% dresses up like prostitutes... no matter what the story is... it's way too much filled with sexuality. And here comes the crazy stuff: In these huge comic book stores there are 18+ areas... which are technically located in more than 50% of the shop! And lot of people are there reading and searching hentai, and enjoying watching raped cartoon girls. Crazy. But there is something worse. We went to a DVD store where there was also a really really huge porn section. Aaaand. Well among the hardcore stuff we've found something totally sick. You can buy DVD's where 8-9-10 years old girls are. They are not fucking they are not naked... they are just playing with each other in the pool in bikinis and stuff. But man it's SO sick!!!! I mean in a way, here it's porn and... you can buy this video. Not to watch how a nice family in Japan works but because you have sexual fantasies... and it's ridiculous! I mean on the internet you can find anything. But here it is legal to sell in shops?

And also we've seen AKB 48 (a pop act... 48 Japanese girl. It's like take that... but in a stupid way) stores, (huge ones) where you can buy nothing but merchandise products of this band... you can buy AKB 48 donuts for 10 euros... Silly.

Anyway afterwards we just had a dinner and watched a movie. Oh there are some nice stories. There is a girl... she is hot. Like superhot. This typical wannabe hot girl... she doesn't like that good but still very ok (and among blind people the one eyed is the king) but she never comes to any event... she holds the nose very high and very proud and blablabla... stupidwhoe. Anyway one night she slept here in our dormitory. She went out for some drinks with one of our guys but got totally wasted.... puked in every train stop... nearly got hit by train and nearly arrested by police. The guy of course wanted to nail her... but gave her too much drinks so they just made out... and she got sick and in the end they just slept next to each other on the bed. Nice one. :D Aaaand there is an other story. There is a girl... super sharp dressed. Really she is amazing... always pays a lot of attention to look like someone came from the 30's or 40's... always pays attention on the perfect colors with earrings and clothes and lipstick and stuff. She likes one of my friends. And she is nice. Superfriendly and superpolite and nice. Travelled a lot, smiling a lot and bullshit... one of my friends said he hates her cos she is even more Japanese than the Japanese people. :D True. Anyway this superfriendly and supersmilingnicelady... is Catholic. Really really catholic... and it turned out that below the smiling nice shell she is really really radically right winged... finding nice and great the voice of Hitler, hating the jews and everything. She has a pretty radical point of view about how things going in the world. The friend of mine who she likes nearly got a shock when it turned out. So guys be aware of the nice people... everyone has a dark side and the dangerous ones are those guys who could hide that way too proper. :D Whatever. Tomorrow I'll continue sightseeing. Yeeey! And we'll see. But this day was fun. Lot of nice stuff, lot of crazy stuff... just a typical day in Tokyo... :D 

2012. augusztus 7., kedd

Tigers and giants

Today there was not too much to do. We've had an open campus so the uni was full with high school students. We also did some measurements and research... around lunchtime I had lunch with my labmates. I said they can choose a spot where to eat... so went to a Japanese restaurant! (What a surprise!!!!) But surprisingly the fish was pretty tasty and good. And also the rice and salad was really ok and there was also some cold pork.

Afternoon I was searching for a job... and later we've had a final meeting with a Chinese guy. It is pretty hard to get on with the Chinese people in the lab... they are very closed and for each other... I've never spoken with this guy but... well apart that he had kind of babybutt face he was nice and friendly. He spent here a month without doing any scientific research... he was just interviewing professors about exchange experiences and how many exchange students they have.... triing to make the friendship between Japan and China better. But as far  as I've heared from my prof it is not that easy... BC in a way for Chine Japanese technology is till kind of politically dangerous or something. Anyway he didn't get as big scholarship as we, and he had a great time he even gave me a postcard. Goodguy labmate.

Aaaand afterward we went to the Tokyo Dome to check out a baseball match! Yeeeey! Osaka Tigers VS Tokyo Giants. While our Japanese friends supported the Tigers we've also supported them... and it was amazing.

For me this was the first time ever I've been to any kind of professional sport event (and it was baseball... if someone would said it to me 10 years ago... I'd make a big laugh...). So when completely suddenly a couple of thousand die hard tigers fan out of nothing started to shout and sing I was fuckin amused! It was totally crazy. Japanese people... you know. Silent... sitting just there, gently smile... and when their players needed to hit everyone went totally wild and crazy... shouting screaming, singing, drumming, trumpeting... :D CRAZY! I guess how a metal concert here can be. Anyway the Dome was awesome. Really huge and modern and nice. Lot of people crazy fans (when their player needed to hit. In any other case they just sit polite and silent), lot of merch, shirts, hats, dolls... everything.

But. Baseball is one of the most boring games ever!!!! We've been waiting 3 whole hours just to see 2 = two scores! During 3 hours of game the 2 teams could make only 2 scores... so usually nothing happened just a guy threw away the ball, someone tried to hit it but couldn't, and a third guy caught the ball. Bahhh. But we've had fun... our friends and the company was great, and it was nice to sing and cheer with the crazy fans. And the dome had a huge, amazing roller coaster, and amusement elements, and Ferris wheel so it was really crazy, nice and amazing. But to catch the dinner we've left earlier. the final score was 1-1... so I guess we can be happy our team is 5th and the giants are the first. But for sure watching this game on tv can the most boring thing be ever. So here is one from some other Tigers:

And btw from now on 2 weeks of Vacation!!!! YeeeeeY!!!